Thursday, August 23, 2012

BELLA found a new home, thank you! :)

Sooo... Bella is finally finished and looking for a new mom or dad. This cute little princess is an original Takara Simply Chocolate customized with love and care by me. She has got a gorgeous pink factory scalp, which matches her skin colour perfectly. There are no gaps. This scalp is so incredibly beautiful and so perfect for her. The person who gets her can choose her original Simply Chocolate scalp and dome though. She has also got a brand new Licca body with tilt neck, which makes her look so cute (again, you can choose her original Takara body if you prefer that). As a charm she has got a cute little bear, so she can always have her best friend close to her :)
She comes from a non-smoking (but kitty friendly) home and will travel with a cute flower dress (the Melacacia dress and other accessories are not included). Bella has no flaws I can see, but please remember that she is a custom doll and not factory perfect. Sold as is, no returns.

To give everyone a fair chance I decided to take offers on her till Tuesday 28th August at 22 hours (10 pm) (Danish time: )
Offers together with full name and one of your Flickr/Bk/Etsy/Ebay names to my email: Minimum 10€ increase please.
If I get offers up to last minute I'll prolongue the time till there are no offers in 10 minutes.

Sold. Thank you!

The registered shipping to EU is 29€, to USA 34€. If you want insurance please contact me and I’ll find the price for you. I'll ship the doll within two days after received payment.
Payment within two days from closing, thank you. PayPal only.

Work done:
- Sand mated
- lips, nostrils and philtrum are carved
- full face up with artists soft pastels and water colour pencils
- custom lids
- sealed with MSC flat UV cut

- lipgloss
- two pairs of new brainworm eye chips
- two pairs of hand painted chips
- new lashes
- custom earrings
- new pull strings with beads and the cutest teddy bear
- sleep eyes
- gaze correction

- boggled

Please ask if you have any doubts. For more pics see my flickr stream.
Thank you for looking!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The box

There are the things I love about customizing dolls... Carving their little faces is fun. Not easy, it takes a lot of time and it can give me neck pain, but I like to carve. I enjoy popping their stock eye chips out (kinda sadistic, I know lol). I love the creative process, to see how the personality of each girl is taking shape. To get the answer to the question: who is this girl going to be? I love to get to know so many wonderful people: those of you who trust me and send me your dolly.
And there are things I kinda hate about customizing. The boggling and the gaze correction. There is not much creative about that and it can so easily go wrong. I don't like this fear feeling. The fear to ruin someone else's doll is always there. I also hate to color the lids, I find it a little difficult :D (I wish I had one of those airbrushes!).
And then, there is the box. The box is the most difficult of all. That moment when I have to say good bye to the girl I've created and put her in the box. It is so hard to take their clothes off and put them in that box. Yesterday it was even harder, because there were to boxes. These two little girls are on their way home now, but gosh it was the hardest thing to put them in those boxes!
Good bye little ones!...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Here we go...!

Sooo... Finally I've got a blog. In English... Here can you get info about my custom dolls, the waiting list and mariuka custom dolls I put up for adoption. You can also subscribe to my "newsletter, just write me at

See you around!

Oh, and thank you for following my blog ;D

En ny start

Ok så... min blog Blythe i Danmark bliver til Mariuka Dolls. Det sker dels fordi der ikke er særlig mange Blythe interesserede i Danamark, dels fordi jeg har brug for et sted hvor jeg kan have noget info om nine custom dukker. Det kommer til at foregå på engelsk, men det er jo ikke noget problem ;)
Vi ses snart igen på Mariuka Dolls - Custom Blythes :)